SECUReINTERCEPT is a smart IoT solution that provides proactive surveillance to large business or residential premises. It not only detects but deters and intercepts an attempted crime from happening, by using Video Verification, 2-Way Audio Systems & by following the agreed escalation procedures for Emergency Response Systems (ERS) .


  • Intrusion Alarm Panel and Keypad (Optional)
  • Sensors: Motion / Vibration / Thermal / Temperature / Removable / Glass Break / Shutter.
  • CCTV Systems : Cameras, Storage and DVR.


SECUReLENS is a smart IoT solution to improve overall ‘Customer Satisfaction’ by observing and maintaining various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Retail Outlets, Bank Branches, ATMs etc. by monitoring employees interaction with customers, hygiene of the business premises and various other defined SOPs.

It’s an essential business tool to maintain high customer satisfaction levels, directly contributing to healthy business relationships.


  • CCTV Systems : Cameras, Storage and DVR.


SECUReINTELLIGENCE is a smart IoT solution for Business Intelligence (BI) comprising of the following modules for real time alerts, reports and analytics.

• Emails
• Dashboard / Console
• Analytics
• Reports
• Scheduling


SECUReACCESS is a smart IoT solution providing the latest automation technology for residential, business and high risk premises.

• Remote Shutter Controls with defined opening / closing timings.
• Automated swing gates and boom barriers programmed to provide entry to
authorized vehicles enabled by video analytics.
• Automated Parking Management.


  • Automation Panel
  • Sensors: Motor / Motion Detector / Shutter.
  • CCTV Systems : Cameras, Storage and DVR (Optional)


SECUReNRG is a smart IoT solution to reduce energy bills by approx. 10 – 15% by monitoring & controlling of the following infrastructure.

• AC
• Energy Meter
• Temperature Control
• Diesel Generator Set
• Signage
• Lighting
• Battery


  • Energy Meters: RTU Panel Voltage / Current / kwh / Relay Modules / MCPs.

SECUReKWIQ (Quick Response Team)

This team responds in the shortest time, moves by fastest means to reach the place of an incident, takes action to collect tactical information or assist in deterring or neutralizing the threat.

They render assistance and support to the client in case of an emergency, as well as notifying authorities, countering threat, mitigating risk and enforcing compliance with medical and police first responders.

Roaming Supervisor

In order to bring down the client’s cost of supervision for multiple sites in a defined cluster, a dedicated resource is deployed to visit all the sites in the cluster at predetermined time intervals, to ensure efficient monitoring & mystery audit simultaneously.


SECUReCARE pertains to maintenance of sites from housekeeping, cleanliness & hygiene perspective. Here, a thorough cleaning of the site is conducted on regular intervals daily & a strict deep cleansing monthly schedule is monitored and tracked effectively.

We provide our services to 6000+ sites spread across metros, semi-metros, urban & rural interiors across India.


  • In house team for providing the required services (App Based)


SECUReAUDIT is an advanced audit platform where we offer a variety of bespoke technical / non-technical and non-financial audit services catering to most industries and sectors. The audit solution is entirely digital & paperless and generates customized dashboard reports on a real-time basis.

We support organizations in seamlessly managing quality audits of ATMs, Cash, Vault, Site, TIS, CRA Route, Warehouse or Branches, Assets etc.


SECUReHEALTH is a comprehensive tool to check the health of all equipment installed for e-surveillance ensuring they have a 100% uptime, moreover it can also check the quality of installation and commissioning of all e-surveillance equipment.


SECUReGUARD is a revolutionary product designed for commercial & residential complexes / bungalows / warehouses / retail spaces / corporate offices and any person, business or society that employ security guards on night duty.

SECUReGUARD is created to keep your security guards and night watchmen alert, ensuring they perform their duty diligently and consistently.

SECUReGUARD keeps watch, so you don’t have to.


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